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According to life... can be ordered directly from our label Local progs in Malmö buy it at Repeat Records, Malmö Skivhandel, Folk & Rock or Musik & Konst.


We are proud to present our new album "According to life..." which will be released by Transubstans records the 14th of October. The Carpet Knights are after 11 years still dedicated defenders of melodic progressive rock. The creative atmosphere in the city of Malmö, Sweden, has drawn the members into various projects such as Limbo, Bland Bladen and Hooffoot and from time to time members are touring with space rock improvisors Øresund Space Collective (from Denmark and all over). However, most of the energy of writing and rehearsing is dedicated to The Carpet Knights.

All songs on "According to life..." were composed by Jocke Jönsson during his scheduled creative Tuesdays (laundry days). Arrangements have thereafter been completed collectively during rehearsals. Chief engineer during the process of recording, producing and mixing the album was guitarist Tobias Wulff. (He is also the band's electrician and on stage he is of course the man with the largest pedalboard.) The painting on the album cover is made by the Swedish artist Bengt Böckman. Last time around that he lent his work for the purpose of an album cover was more than 30 years ago. Back then he collaborated with Frank Zappa and German fusion icons Passport.

The critically acclaimed debut album "Lost and So Strange Is My Mind" was released on Transubstans records in 2005. This time around the original knights; Manne Nilsson (vocals&flute), Jönsson (vocals&guitar) and Wulff (guitar&sounds), are back with a heavier and denser sounding album. In 2006, new energetic drummer Pelle Engvall (ex Svarte Pan, ex Tribe), joined the band with his old-school groove. The new line-up was completed in the summer of 2008 when old friend and fast fingered bass player Pär Hallgren (ex Sgt. Sunshine) was recruited. All band members are music addicts and record collectors of great measures and hence musical inspiration comes from four decades of folk, prog, rock, metal and psychedelia. However, the most essential driving force for these musicians is the genuine feeling that creating and playing music is an absolute life necessity. After a long and creative process, we are proud and enthusiastic to finally present you the fruits of our labour. Let these 10 songs be your soundtrack of autumn 2009.