The Carpet Knights - "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind"

Transubstans Records 009

The Music

Like all releases that went before it (or at least the ones I heard) on the Transubstans
label, this is another one filled with seventies inspired stuff. Most tracks have a rock feel
akin to progressive. The addition of flute on more than an occasional basis adds some flavour.
And introduces some would be references. At times there are som psychedelic bits, creating a
bit of a float. Most of the time there is more of a rock sound, larded with some bluesy bits. The
fact that a number of tracks had som nice riffs or medlic ideas injected into them picks up the
result. No Space To Spare combines a nice pretty sophisticated melodic twist with flat
vocals. Zonked has a bit of spunk combined with melody. Still, at times we also move
towards less inspired, somewhat flat sounding sections. Sad Soul for instance is based
on a rather schematic sounding blues cord, which cannot be repaired by the grave sound of the
sound of the track.

After a two track slope Feel It bends the album back towards a more progressive sound.
Best bit is the slow build towards the climax. This is more or less continued into Dab Nekan
and Last Of Many.


This album has some things going for it. Even though it's not the most progressive bit ever
released, it does hold a couple of nice melodies. Even though the vocals cannot be called an
asset, they work well enough most of the time, resulting in a rack o' tracks that's pretty
decent from a progressive point of view. It's too inconsistent, however, to be called a good

Roberto Lambooy
The Axiom Of Choice