The Carpet Knights - "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind"

Transubstans Records 009

Rate: 11/13

Not to be confused with the British carpet and upholstery cleaners of the same name and
similar web address, even though it has to be said a great deal of parallels can be drawn
between them judging by the testimonial book on the later site (and I quote: "A first class
service from start to finish" or "We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by
Carpet Knights... We would strongly recommend Carpet Knights to other customers"),
these knights instead are a melodic psy-rock band from Malmo that arrive with their first full
length album on Record Heaven's sub label Transubstans.

The band is not by any means a newcomer, as they are recording on demo level since the
days of their inception back in '98 and have four demos already under their belt before landing
with this one. As this is my first encounter with them. I am not in any position to evaluate
their progress so far but rather to comment on the now & present. Well, have to say I
am amazed. The album is awash with a laid back groove that works wonders, while the tight
musicianship and the involved songwriting never let things go stale or boring. And them folk
flourishes are a delight to behold. "Fools And Silent Callers" is a perfect example of
their trade with some hair raising moments to enhance the effect. And then there are the nasal
vocals that so effortlessly work their way to the head under equal amounts of narrative sneer
and emotive despondency that along with the profuse diversity at display here and the warm
'70's sound in offer mark this album so much out of the usual fare. >From space rock to prog,
from jazzy blues to folk; the effort devoted and the flare given are breathtaking.

So yeah "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind" comes highly recommended in my book and
am off to write my bit on that testimonial book of unearthed treasures. Join for a dig.