The Carpet Knights - "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind"

Transubstans Records
Rating 6/10

In the late 60's and early 70's bands like Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd laid down
the foundations for what was to become known as symphonic rock. The influence these bands
had (and still have) on many musicians was incredible. Even today, formations like The
, The Musical Box and Plackband not only play the same kind of music,
but they also try to sound like them. The Carpet Knights are such a band. Even their name
seems to be inspired by a well known Genesis song recorded in 1974! They are a five-piece
band from Malmö, playing together since 1998. Lost And So Strange Is My Mind is
published by Transubstans Records and represents their debut CD production.

Reviewing this album is not easy. On the one hand, you get some beautiful songs, wonderfully
crafted. It's obvious that the band has put many hours into these tracks, tweaking them to
perfection. These compositions are varied and they are played by a band that really believes in
what they're doing. On the other hand, there is this incredible bad production, that lets this
album down in a big way. This record actually sounds as if it was recorded 30 years ago! Fair
enough, some people might consider that to be an advantage, and maybe it was intended to
sound that way, but I would be more interested to hear these songs with a crisp production and
some up-to-date sounds. If a band like Genesis were still playing today with the original
members, we would expect them to sound a little more modern than they did in the 70's. So
why imitate their old sound?

There's nothing wrong with the musicianship. It's above standard with original guitar licks,
drums that keep everyting together and some wonderful flute parts. I especially like the
inventive and always driving bass (well done Nils!). The vocals are a bit monotone, but
they strangely fit the music well.

Lost And So Strange Is My Mind from The Carpet Knights is not for everyone. With some
great progressive moments, but sounding as if it was recorded in the rehearsal room, it's really
an acquired taste. If you're an early Genesis or Yes fan, or indeed a fan of early
70's progressive rock in general, this album might very well steal your heart. Others will
probably find this CD to be too old-fashioned. Go to their site, and listen to some clips to find
out if this is for you.