The Carpet Knights - "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind"

Transubstans Records 009
After four demo releases Lost And So Strange Is My Mind is the first full grown album
from The Carpet Knights. It has to be said that the previously gained experiences take
pleasantly effect in that this album lacks the usual childhood diseases. As the cover already
hints, part of the influence on the band's music is taken from psychedelic rock, and rock it
that this band plays.

Prog fans and lovers of intricate melodies and complex textures, changes in time signatures
and elaborate solos won't find much in here. Although there are many good attempts within the
songs, those attempts are not developed to any great extent. Instead the 'meditative' element
is prevailing. As it reads on the band's homepage "Typical for the music is dynamics and tempo
changes but also the monotonous and meditative melodies."

And there seems to lie the problem with this album, the meditative side doesn't work as a
counterpoint to the more developed parts of the music but manifests as a conflicting idea
and as a result the tension within a song is lost, the good ideas drowned in a sea of seemingly
endlessly repeated motifs and subsequently the songs seem to meander aimlessly.

This is really a pity as the quality of the performance makes one really wish to say 'hey what
a great band'. The vocals resemble metal traditions, occasional flute add a folk-ish feel. The
arrangements are in most parts consistent, and where noises and sounds are introduced to the
songs, they are even a wee tad daring.

In summary, this band is clearly above average, mainly due to accompished musicianship, yet
the songs lack in tightness and structure. Though considering this is the band's debut album
and taking the last two songs of the album into account it might be worth keeping an eye on
The Carpet Knights. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the last we heard of this

Strangefish Lass