The Carpet Knights - "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind"

Transubstans Records
Trans 009
Rating 80/100

I'm more and more astonished and enchanted by the high quality
stuff coming out from the swedish label Transubstans Records: arists
mostly at their debut but also re-releases of unknown jewels from the
past. The intention seems to be giving a promotional support to
swedish and overall scandinavian music and prog lovers seem to
appriciate a lot many of the bands coming from northern Europe.
The Carpet Knights is just a swedish five-piece coming from Malmoe
and existing since 1998: this band has just released a debut album
called "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind". The music style featured here
is only apparently simple: it's mostly a psychedelic and darkish rock
music, sometimes a little folkish thanks to the flute inserts by Magnus
and oftener so close to the typical "seventy hard rock".. This
harder side is really clear inside of "Zonked" and even more inside of
the so good "Feel It" starting with a rough guitar riff and then moving
to the prevailing visionary and psychedelic atmospheres.
If you think that it's no use to talk about Progressive Rock, please
take a listen to the interesting interludes between flute and guitar
inside of "All Be The Same" or the several changes of moods and the
extreme fantasy of Tobias Wulff's guitar inside of the impressive "Last
Of Many"
If you're looking for a record featuring an old-fashioned but not stale-
tasting music, quite easy to listen but really effective, this is the right
stuff for you. It's a pity that we met the boring and unuseful "Sad
e "Dab Nekan", because "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind" could
have been an almost perfect piece of music...

Luca Alberici
Tales of wonder